To the Rescue!

September 21, 2017


I first met Grizz at the Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) "Bark & Wine" event in October 2015. At the event, I remember that I kept wandering back over to him throughout the night, and eventually, we were able to bring him home a few days later! Grizz had a rough start in life, not actually having a known name and being ignored/abused.  BDAR was able to rescue him and put him through a special program which changed his (and our) life. From my memory, Grizz went by "Black Dog" while in the care of BDAR, because of well, the obvious. Of course we tried out plenty of names: Hulk, Bear, Gus, but he perked up when we said Grizz! Now, Grizz and our other dog, Moose, are best buds and have a great time together. Grizz came into our life at a time when we needed each other the most!


Because we own our own home, bringing home a second dog was no issue. However, this isn't always the case when you are renting! 


Several years ago, before we had any dogs, we were renting a home that we weren't sure was pet-friendly. The first step we took was asking the owners if they would consider allowing us to get a pet, and then what their restrictions were on size, breed, etc. We were lucky. They had no issue with us getting a dog, or a large dog at that, and only required an additional deposit. Now, with 2 large labs that both exceed 90+ pounds, I'm not sure we would have such luck finding a place at all!


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly 85 million households in the U.S. own a pet, with 36.5% dogs & 30.4% cats. With this in mind, we met with Britney Wallesch, Founder & Executive Director of BDAR to talk about having pets when renting, how you can be a pet-friendly landlord, and what to do when you are considering adopting a pet!



If you have any questions about finding a pet-friendly rental or how to be a pet-friendly landlord, contact us! If you are interested in adopting a pet or would like to attend this year's Bark & Wine BDAR event, check out for more information! 


Thank you to Black Dog Animal Rescue and Britney for some great tips!

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