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October 18, 2017

Now that fall is here, have you prepared your apartment or home for the colder weather? Here are a few quick tips to help keep your energy bill down and to prepare for any



1. Reverse your ceiling fan! In the summer, ceiling fan blades cool a room by pushing cold air down. In the winter, you want the opposite to happen. Most ceiling fans come with a switch that allows you to reverse the direction that the blades spin


2. Electric blankets. You can find electric blankets these days that have automated turn-off so that you can set it for a little while to keep you warm and be able to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature.
**always follow instructions on electric blanket for safety!!!**




Side note: who still has a snuggie???





3. Window treatments & draft dodgers. You can block the doors in your home with draft dodgers. They are easy to make or you can even purchase them. Consider shrink wrapping your windows or using weather stripping to block out any small areas that are drafty with your windows. 


4. Invest in warm bedding. Flannel sheets, thick comforters, and an extra blanket layer will keep you extra toasty! 





5. Stock up on essentials. Wyoming weather can bring some pretty nasty snowstorms, making it hard to get food or other essentials at times. Keep water, pet food, and canned items on hand to carry you through! 


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