Gobble Wobble

November 14, 2017


Not only are we thankful for the Gobble Wobble & Turkey Time of year, THANKFULLY we have had some really great weather lately! Some days without wind, and some pretty mild temperatures have made for a nice ease into the coming winter. 


With that in mind, now is a good time to check a few things in your place to make sure your turkey doesn't end up smoking! When is the last time you tested your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors? If you aren't sure how to test them, you can find out how here: https://blog.allstate.com/test-smoke-detectors/


Locally, the Wyoming Red Cross helps teach fire safety and more. Not only can you sign up for education, you can also volunteer to help in our community. You can visit their site here for more information: Wyoming Red Cross.


On Thanksgiving, cooking related fires made up the vast majority of fires in residences throughout the United States. If you are planning to deep fry a turkey---it is imperative that you take safety precautions and educate yourself on how to do this without damaging your dwelling! NEVER leave your fryer or oven unattended while in use! 


If you aren't planning to be home for the holidays, make sure that you keep your home as safe as possible. Some quick tips:

 * Consider hiring a pet or house sitter

 * Hold your mail at the post office and don't order any new packages to be delivered while you are away

 * Utilize timers for your lamps inside to make it look like you are home

 * Lock up! (seems obvious but deadbolt everytime!)


Most importantly, don't forget to be thankful this season for the things in our life! Whether it's yummy Thanksgiving food, time with friends or family, a great job, or the sun shining, there is always something to be thankful for. We are thankful for our friends, family, clients, & tenants! 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




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